Donna Musilli is a Complexity Coach, Strengths Expert and Entrepreneur.  She is her clients’ personal Chief Culture Officer, helping them unpack the elements required to build a culture where everyone thrives.  Donna regularly works with family owned businesses, non-profits, healthcare firms, school districts and women’s leadership organizations.

She is known for having a deep understanding of assessing and leveraging strengths to maximize team performance, personal growth, competencies, and employee retention.  Using her methods, clients learn the simple skills and awareness needed to end drama in the workplace and help their organization thrive!  

After earning a Certification from The John Maxwell Team as a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, Donna went on to gain a Leadership Vision Consulting Certification as a Strengths Communicator. Donna has extensive training and certifications from Coaches Rising in Developmental Coaching, Embodied Transformation and Presence-Based Coaching.

Donna brings a zest to her work with the managers and executives she coaches. Donna’s training workshops are engaging and reveal her distinctive knack for activating individual’s unique gifts and bring out the best in teams.

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Gwen Krilova is a masterful sales leader, trainer, and coach supporting sales professionals/managers and entrepreneurs to achieve exceptional sales results. With 30+ years sales/sales leadership experience, she understands the common thought traps for most women in sales including the mindset of not wanting to seem ‘too pushy’, fear of rejection and fear of judgment.  Beyond helping women learn and understand the components of the sales cycle, Gwen’s passion is to help women unlock their potential by overcoming their limiting beliefs and gaining the confidence necessary to not just survive but to thrive in their sales careers. 

Gwen’s approach to learning the HOW of sales includes eliminating fears and limiting beliefs and also addresses common misconceptions people have about sales professionals.  Historically, it’s received a very bad rap.  In reality, there isn’t one organization in the world that can’t function without someone selling their product/service.  Salespeople are necessary for every company to merely exist . Because she’s “been there done that”, Gwen inspires women to understand their value as a crucial cog in the wheel that keeps business growing. Without sales professionals, people and companies would be without with the products and services they want and desire. 

Prior to her coaching and sales training career, Gwen spent many years in small and large corporations, including giants like Xerox Corporation, ADP and Ikon Office Solutions.  Her career in sales and sales leadership roles spans industries including hardware/software technology, professional services, financial services and women’s apparel. 

Gwen is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner with iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) a fully accredited program by International Coach Federation (ICF). 


Our core values encompass our philosophies and where we are “coming from.” Our work together will be based upon:

Belief in the Unique Brilliance of Each Individual

Imago Dei is Latin for “the image of God.” Each of us has a unique imprint. Our Imago Dei, tucked away in the cells of our being, begs to be fulfilled. We honor and release each individual’s true potential.

Belief that Every Leader Embodies All They Need to Succeed

We work to uncover the potential residing inside each leader. We nourish and guide people, enabling them to grow their careers and themselves as individuals.

Belief that We Seek First to Understand

Listening comes first to identify the unique talents, skills and abilities each person brings to their work.

Belief that We Always Add Value

We are committed to adding value to our clients each and every time we interact.