For many entrepreneurs, self-leadership is a constant challenge and an executive coach can help. As a company grows, you must continue to grow in your knowledge, expertise and leadership skills. Or, you may function as an intrapreneur within a larger corporation, which requires both the motivation and self-leadership of an entrepreneur along with the skillset to blend well into the corporate structure too. Amy works with both types of entrepreneurs; those sailing their own ship as well as those charting their own course.

The New or Inexperienced Entrepreneur can benefit from Amy’s own experience as a self-motivated, successful solopreneur as well as her ability to coach with encouragement and business savvy.

The Emerging Leader Entrepreneur has worked hard, grown her team and is somewhat successful but feels stuck on a plateau. Amy is excellent at meeting her coaching clients where they are in their journey and taking them to the next level.

Before meeting Amy, many new entrepreneurs had concerns such as…

“I have a feeling I don’t make the best first impression.”

“I feel very uncomfortable at networking events and don’t know what to say or do.”

“I don’t like delivering my elevator speech and when I do, it feels awkward.”

“My new client is business formal. I have no idea what is appropriate to wear to this meeting.”

Meanwhile, emerging and experienced entrepreneurs may have said…

“Help! I’ve been asked to emcee an event.”

“I feel awkward interviewing new employees.”

“I feel uncomfortable having tough conversations with current employees.”

“How can I motivate my team better?”

“How can I use my strengths to get to the next level?”

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