Amy created the Full Circle 7 Method as a barometer for each of her clients to monitor their areas of strength as she sculpts away at what you don’t need (old anxieties, bad habits of speech and body language, careless approach to appearance and dress and negative beliefs) to uncover the zones of genius within you and the seven key areas you need for the ultimate executive presence. Each of the seven areas is divided into a trinity of three subcategories that make up the whole executive self. They are:

"I saw the angel in the stone and carved until I set it free."
painter, sculptor, architect


Gravitas is a Roman word that translates as dignity, impressiveness, weight, presence and influence. It was once one of the virtues of a good Roman citizen along with kindness, hard work, self-worth and a sense of humor.

The leader who masters gravitas will command respect and attract followers wherever she goes! In the Full Circle 7 Method, gravitas is developed from your personal knowledge of your subject matter, your passion, ethics and strength of character. It involves being graceful under fire, sticking to a vision, standing your ground and appropriately balancing it all with humor, humility, and wit.

Gravitas is at the intersection of three areas: your knowledge, purpose and passion, all working together for your benefit.


Everyone has an innate intellectual gift, even when their knowledge may be lacking in certain areas. Even those who have mastered a subject may need to develop other intellects to become more self-aware and use their strengths more naturally. In the Full Circle 7 Method, intellect includes addressing the trinity of self-intelligence, emotional intelligence and social intelligence, the three intellects that make us unique in every situation.

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Ask any executive. The ability to engage and activate others with excellent written and oral communication abilities is key to your advancement and solid leadership. This includes high performance in the trinity of most common executive situations: individual conversations, group settings and the ability to comfortably address and engage an audience in a public speaking scenario. Amy also coaches executives on improving their written communication, from composing simple emails to formal speeches.

Sometimes we communicate too much. Amy helps clients structure their message to communicate the essence, not the detail, leaving the audience wanting more instead of overwhelming them with a firestorm of words. Whether you are crafting an email or presentation, leading web meetings, and a variety of other situations, The Full Circle 7 Method evaluates and addresses your ability in each area with patience and empathy.


Equanimity isn’t just for yogis! It means a sense of balance at all times and the ability to handle the unexpected with grace. It also means an evenness of mind, especially under stress. Equanimity involves the quest to be calm, centered and clear in all situations, knowing what to say and do and always modeling the behavior you would like to see in others. At times, it means centering yourself to your core for introspection about your situation. Other times it is about donning an invisibility cloak to detach from emotions and stressors and noticing the triggers that physically affect you in varying situations.

The executive who is a master of equanimity can handle anything!


Our outward appearance is the world’s first impression of us. Amy’s executive presence program embraces a “change from the outside in” approach, which includes the trinity of dress, decorum and demeanor. This encompasses dressing and presenting yourself with good taste; dressing for the job you want, not the job you have. Most of all it is delivering your brand promise to others in your behavior and outward manner in every situation.


It’s not easy to change our thinking. After all, there is a reason we started and continue to think the way we do. Unfortunately, changing our mindset is often the key to moving forward.

The Full Circle 7 Method creates “masters of their own thinking” by cultivating a growth mindset and learning how to manage thoughts for the ultimate advantage in leadership situations. Addressing the trinity of growth vs. staid mindsets, investment in growth, and managing thoughts, Amy helps clients see the potential and take the journey to where their thinking needs to be.


We all have a strength which we at the Amy Throw Group call “your unique zone of genius.” It is one of the elements of you that is released through executive presence coaching.

Authenticity means working from your strength, or your zone of genius. Unlike bravado, authenticity is real. It’s not there to impress; it’s there to serve. Learning to identify and offer the power of your authenticity is addressed in the trinity of leveraging assets, power vs. force, and discovering your unique genius.

By exploring the area of authenticity, you’ll develop the freedom and courage you need to achieve your goals.