3 Simple Steps to Cultivate a Mindset for Success and Significance



Mindset Matters

As a leader, your mindset is the most important factor in staying focused and productive, working smart, and reaching your goals. How do you achieve the right mindset to turn your leadership dreams and goals into reality each day? Here are three tips you can put in place to help you start cultivating a mindset for success and significance.

  • Tell someone what you’re going to do
  • Focus on what is working
  • Meditate

Accountability is Powerful

In this article we’ll focus on accountability. There is power in telling someone what you’re going to do. Do you have great and generous plans for your business and your team? Keeping them to yourself can be tempting and even smart if you’re working on a big new project you need to keep under wraps.  But sharing your plans with someone close to you can also be an amazing way to increase your likelihood of success. Why’s that? By simply announcing what you plan to do next to someone you know and trust—a coach, colleague, mentor, or friend you’ll feel more of an obligation to follow through. And you’ll have someone who can help hold you accountable if you don’t. If you fail at getting it done, you won’t just be letting yourself down—you’ll be risking the chance that your coach or colleague will think less of you (not to mention the let-down if these goals are part of your business objectives)

Having this accountability can give you the extra bit of motivation you need to follow through on a weekly basis. Looping others into what you’re up to also has a huge side benefit, which is that it keeps you connected! Networking and building relationships is crucial if you want to succeed as a leader. Leadership can be a lonely grind, and it’s super important to nurture our relationships, not just to help us achieve our business objectives, but also because we’re social creatures who thrive on connection.

Stop Flying Solo

So, stop trying to go it alone! We are created for connection and we need it now more than ever. Sharing your goals and action items with someone else is a powerful way to stay accountable and motivated and maintain those all-important human relationships.

Celebrate The Wins

Action Step: Once you’ve decided on your next big action to pursue your goals give yourself a deadline, then find someone to share the details with. Ask them to hold you accountable on a weekly basis!  It can be simple text or phone call to check in, or a schedule conversation. The goal is to just do it! Try this for a month and track your progress, then get ready to celebrate your small and big wins. Make sure to thank your coach, colleague or friend  and invite them to celebrate with you!