Iron Sharpens Iron

The importance of Executive Coaching is widely known among the C Suite and in top management across many industries. Individuals who have achieved these senior levels in large corporations have dedicated themselves to improving everything about themselves from listening skills to how to manage and direct teams more effectively and they do that with the self-awareness that they need objective input from other experienced and trusted professionals.

The question many Executive Coaching professionals get asked is, who is coaching them? Highly driven personalities like to know who is coaching and advising their advisors. Who is their coach being coached by?

The answer is usually another Business or Executive Coach, but sometimes it can be a more niche industry coach who offers a combination of accountability and help in another area – such as a Marketing Coach. Marketing Coaching provides the Executive Coach with not only personal accountability as they advise and coach others, but he or she can also serve to pass along valuable marketing expertise that the Executive Coach can use to build their business and pass on to their clients as well. Soliciting counsel from other coaches, like a Marketing Coach, makes an Executive Coach even more valuable to their clients as it expands his or her own knowledge base.

Continued curiosity, continued learning and continued growth are all marks of successful business leaders – whether they serve in the private or public sector. That passion to learn, that willingness to be a student and to learn from others is what keeps great leaders at the top of their game. That is why we at the Amy Throw Group have employed the use of other coaches to help us stay sharp.

We recently worked with Marketing Coach, Leah Hoppes who helped us with a program launch. Leah is the owner of Vision Force Marketing. which is a marketing firm based out of St. Charles, Illinois. Leah takes on a select number of clients a year and provides 1:1 marketing coaching as well as group coaching for both marketing professionals and non-marketing professionals.

If you are interested in Marketing Coaching, we’d love to make an introduction for you – or contact her and tell her we sent you.