When necessary, the Amy Throw Group can perform and interpret personality assessments to help understand your strengths and areas necessary for improvement. These include:


The Maxwell Leadership Assessment

How well do individuals in positions of leadership in your organization actually lead? What do other team members think of their level of influence? What if you could assess a leader or potential leader in 360 degrees: from above, below, and alongside? The Maxwell Leadership Assessment is an in-depth assessment that measures a person’s influence, based on our 5 Levels of Leadership methodology. It assesses the individual according to 64 important factors using self-assessment,

combined with anonymous feedback from supervisors, colleagues, direct reports, and others. Through this comprehensive 360-degree assessment, leaders accurately identify both their areas of strength and their opportunities for growth. This self-knowledge and team knowledge results in better teamwork, increased confidence, and more targeted leadership development.


John Maxwell Leadership Assessments, DISC and CliftonStrengths Asssessments

The John Maxwell Company’s assessment resources are designed to function as one of the first steps of leadership and personal development. They equip individuals with knowledge about themselves, so that they understand both their strengths and their weaknesses. On the road map of success, self-assessment determines a person’s specific starting point. Only with that knowledge can leaders take the right steps to grow and move further along the path toward excellence.


Amy created the Full Circle 7 program as a barometer for each of her clients to monitor their areas of strength as she sculpts away at what you don’t need (old anxieties, bad habits of speech and body language, careless approach to appearance and dress and negative beliefs) to uncover the zones of genius within you and the seven key areas you need for the ultimate executive presence. Each of the seven areas is divided into a trinity of three subcategories that make up the whole executive self.

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