As a manager or HR professional, you know where emerging talent lies. Amy’s WomenUp program works with promising female leaders in your organization to hone and augment their executive skills and physical presentation. Through individualized, proven coaching methods, Amy fine tunes personal and leadership skills so women can deliver their best selves to the workplace. As a female, third person consultant, her service is valuable to management on many levels.

The Amy Throw Group’s WomenUp program is the answer to questions HR professionals have asked:

“We want to promote X to an executive position but we are concerned about her demeanor. How can we be sure she will make a good impression on other executives and clients?”

“X is a great employee and we would like to promote her, but does she have the confidence and leadership skills she needs to succeed in management?”

“X is a great employee but why can’t she motivate and engage her team for better performance?”

“Our entire X team’s performance is really down. What is holding them back?”

Businesses who bring in the Amy Throw Group experience a dramatic transformation of their women team members. Amy’s WomenUp program yields stronger, more confident women leaders and more highly collaborative team members. The result?

  • More women assuming leadership positions in comfort
  • A mastery of the subtleties and unwritten rules that women need to know to advance to the next level
  • Safety to address sensitive issues with an outside consultant
  • Increased productivity, both individually and on teams
  • More harmonious relationships between rising execs, clients and others in the organization
  • Employees who dare to offer more, thanks to their increased self-confidence
  • Progress towards self-improvement, thanks to Amy’s outside perspective and skills

With small steps, Amy’s clients make giant leaps to gracefully transition to new ways of thinking and new positions within their organization. Then management’s vision of an employee comes to beautiful fruition with the realization of the seven key areas highlighted in Amy’s Full Circle 7 Method.

If you have someone in mind for Amy Throw Group coaching, take the assessment on their behalf and discover how we can transform her into the leader she is born to be!