As my role within my corporate position evolved and I took on more responsibility (and the associated stress), I decided to invest in a 12-week coaching commitment with Amy. I continue to be impressed by Amy's ability to hone in on my specific target areas of improvement, as well as my areas of brilliance. Amy is a gifted listener and exceptionally skilled at challenging my thinking while remaining humble and kind. She has a knack of seeing right through my "stuff". I love that about her. I don't think it is any accident I received an unexpected and lifelong desired job promotion after working with Amy for 5 months! She helped me gain clarity and articulate my value in a way I was not able to do by myself. I would strongly recommend working with Amy if you want to have a bright, curious, caring coach walk alongside you (or anyone on your team) in the journey to being your most brilliant version of you! Her ability to work on an individual or group scale is remarkable.
Diana Williams
Senior Sales Enablement Consultant, STEELCASE
  • Few people have had the opportunity to work with a coach who is perceptive and spot on when giving advice, but I did when I worked with Amy Throw. I have worked with Amy in a professional setting for the past 16 months and have greatly benefited from her coaching in areas such as balancing my role as leader toward staff, students and community with respect to each group’s differing needs.

    I have been particularly impressed by Amy’s ability to listen and understand how unique and complex the school and neighborhood is, and that understanding all sides and making good decisions is key to my success as a principal. She can synthesize the information and give clear options as the best ways to proceed.

    A coach that helps you showcase your best work is hard to find. Amy is personable and relates as if she were a trusted family member you can’t wait to talk to but she’s so much more than that. She is armed with research and prior knowledge from all her experience. Amy is a fantastic coach and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to reach their potential as a leader of an organization.

    Marianne Patten Principal, Chicago Public Schools
  • Amy was a GREAT coach to me. I was preparing to give a very important speech. I searched around for different professionals to help me achieve my goals and when I spoke to Amy I knew she cared about helping me become a confident, clear speaker with a meaningful message. She is kind, understandable and professional. She immediately identified the areas I needed help with and then she worked with me to improve them. She is wise, gave me strategic advice and encouraged me in a powerful way. The day of my speech I felt more confident thanks to all the practice and tips I received from Amy and my speech was a huge success.

    Zully Ramirez Investigative Consumer Reporter, Telemundo
  • Few people have the opportunity to work with a coach who is empathetic, strategic and kind, but I did when I worked with Amy. I’ve know Amy in a professional setting for 2 years and have been on the receiving end of her insightful and valuable coaching in a number of areas including professional presence, clarity of my mission and confidence. I was particularly impressed with Amy’s ability to facilitate the process of me to become aware of my blind spots and opportunities. This really helped me create more focus on my messaging as I travel the world to inspire other women. I highly recommend Amy as an executive presence and corporate coach.

    Jacqueine Camacho-Ruiz CEO, JJR Marketing
  • “As you move up the corporate ladder and join the executive team, what brought you there may not be what will sustain you or assist you with continued success. You have to think, respond, present yourself differently. Amy is the ultimate coach, she represents a polished, direct, decisive executive, with the ability to see the executive in her clients, then shapes, guides and encourages them to be that executive, while staying true to who they are. Amy was direct and supportive. She listens ‘between the lines’ to get to the real problem or issue.”

    Beckie Lopez System Associate V.P. & Cio Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare
  • "Amy is intelligent, trustworthy and fun. She is also a woman of integrity. She has strong faith-based values which are her core. That sets the tone for trustworthy. Second, Amy is bright- she has been a successful driver in all endeavors. Amy is in the know- she is relevant- she has her finger on the pulse of trends and information. I can count on Amy for solid direction and guidance. Lastly, Amy is fun. Her sense of humor- lack of a giant ego, is uplifting and I always feel good after working with her. She really cares about her clients."

    Lisa Bertke Prana Yoga Center
  • "Women by and large lack true self esteem. Amy is wonderful at empowering women to meet their potential. Any time a woman is working in her strengths and feeling confident and competent, any organization will benefit."

    Jill Personius Shelton Family Health Care
  • “Amy’s fashion industry background helps enormously with the executive presence coaching. Most coaches don’t have this piece. Amy is inspiring and makes you feel like you just took a spa day, relaxed.”

    Susan Mitchell Chief Human Resource Officer/Executive Vice President/ Edward-Elmhurst Hospital System
  • “Amy has helped me transition to a completely different career. She has assisted me in clearly defining my expectations of coworkers and in doing so I have been able to let go of frustration and stop expending energy on “fixing” others.”

    General Manager Operations of Retail Industry
  • "Amy has given me the opportunity for a structured approach to examining my own leadership successes and opportunities and developing a plan for continued progress. She has given me the opportunity to truly stop and focus on my abilities as a leader. I'm grateful to have been able to do some self-exploration. Amy has offered me very practical advice and ideas about dealing with difficult situations, taking full advantage of opportunities and dealing with the challenges of a very busy work environment."

    Sheri Scott System Director, Communications And Creative Services, Edward-Elmhurst Health