Do You Need Coaching?

The clients of the Amy Throw Group are successful women who are ready for more. They are receptive to change and looking for a personal transformation from…

…uncertainty to confidence!

…team member to manager or manager to executive!

…follower to leader!

…informant to influencer!

…time waster to time master!

…self-deprecation to self appreciation!

…undirected to sharply focused!

…self-conscious to comfortable in your own skin!

…unsettled to goal-oriented!

Does that sound like you or someone in your organization?

If so, you are ready to embark on a discovery of epic proportions to one of the places perhaps few people have explored…your place of unique genius as revealed by Amy Throw’s Full Circle 7 Method!

This assessment of 21 questions will help you identify your areas of strength in your journey towards executive presence. After your submission, you will receive a personalized scorecard of the areas that Amy can help you master through the Full Circle 7 Method.

Have fun! We look forward to discussing the roadmap of your next journey with you after the assessment!