Only A Clear Mind Can See The Path Ahead



One Simple Step For A Clear Mind


As a leader, it’s super important to rest so you can recharge your brain and body. But sometimes it’s hard to switch off your work brain and really take advantage of your downtime. That’s where meditation comes in. It’s probably the simplest, most powerful strategy to clear your mind and refresh your perspective. Unfortunately, many people think of meditation as too difficult or complicated. They believe that if you’re not able to achieve a state of transcendence after your first session, that you’re doing it wrong.


Make An Appointment to Meditate

But meditation is way easier than that! All you have to do is find a quiet place, close your eyes, and let your mind do its thing. You must put it in your calendar or it won’t happen. Then, the key to avoid getting caught up in all the overthinking you might be doing is to imagine you’re sitting back watching it all unfold. When you meditate, you don’t try to change anything, just observe. Once your “monkey mind” has had a chance to run around, it should quiet down. Although meditating for longer periods can be beneficial, there’s no requirement that you meditate for a certain amount of time. You can start with just a few minutes a day and build your way up to longer sessions. A clear mind is your secret weapon to staying focused on what’s important each day.

Make It Happen

 Action: Set aside just five minutes each day to meditate, then slowly build your way up to ten minutes, then longer as you feel ready. I find it easiest to meditate early in the morning when my mind is clear , but others do it mid-day. What’s most important, is meditating when it works for you.  The amount of time is not as important as consistency. Consistency is key for long term impact. Just do it and over time, notice the subtle shifts in your energy and your outlook!