Are you still feeling unsettled ? Biting your nails and gripping things metaphorically? During this surreal and uncertain time, I want to offer some helpful advice, gleaned from my own personal experience with anxiety and difficulty in the past. My hope is to encourage you and give you a few simple tools to help you stay calm and grounded when the world seems upside down.

You’re probably experiencing a mixed bag of emotions, we all are. However, you must choose WHO you want to be and HOW you want to show up right now. Mindset is key and only YOU have control over your mindset.

There is plenty to be vigilant about with this ongoing pandemic. But don’t let it consume you. Instead focus on increasing your self- care so you can remain calm, grounded and strong for your team, your clients and for your family. Remember, as the leader goes, so go the people.

In order to stay grounded and calm so you can show up as your best self and make wise decisions, focus on the “big rocks” of self care with these daily practices:

* Establish a calm morning routine. Take 10 minutes (or more) of quiet before you do anything else. This might be to meditate, read scripture or a positive affirmations book, do yoga, or simply BE as you drink your coffee and look out the window. I guarantee that your day will be much calmer and you’ll be better equipped to keep a clear head if you start the day with quiet.

*Take a few more minutes to write down 3 things you are grateful for. We all know the power of gratitude, but do we take the time to do it?

* Drink plenty of water (at least 64 ounces) and add electrolytes. Electrolytes help our body heal and repair.

* Get plenty of quality sleep- that often means going to bed earlier, shutting down phones and computers an hour before bed and turning down the thermostat at night.

* Practice deep belly breathing 3 times a day. When our breath is shallow short it actually elevates anxiety. Breathing from your belly slowly is good for your heart and is calming. Set a reminder on your phone to stop and breathe deeply for 3 minutes 3 times a day.

* Keep moving – walk around your home, or up and down your stairs, take an online yoga class or at home workout. If you are able to maintain proper social distance, walk outside.

* Try reading the news instead of listening and watching the steady stream all day. This can be a less can be less anxiety producing way to stay informed.

* Personal connections are so important right now! Reach out and call, use a web based conference service, or Face Time a friend. Even 5 minutes with them can change your attitude.

* Invest in yourself by hiring a coach. A coach can be a trusted safe place, a guide at your side who supports you and helps you discover your own solutions while you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Finally, remember 1) to relax and 2) your mind is a ruthless master or a wonderful servant. Will your mind rule you or will YOU rule your mind?